Joel Agostino is a photographer from Western Australia who traveled to Taiwan over a decade ago in search of waves... and never left!

Taiwan’s coastline is addictive, littered with river mouths, and in a constant state of change. Waves can lie dormant for days, weeks, months, even years, and the thrill and excitement of unlocking these secrets and surfing Taiwan’s best waves has reinforced the intimate relationship Joel has with them.

Joel’s images are a visual diary of the waves he has surfed and the adventures he has embarked upon, while having the time of his life exploring the Taiwanese coast.

A coastline devoid of surfers for so many years, the majority of Joel’s images are empty lineups he’s discovered, and the odd image captured by his girl when the call of waves was just too strong and he had no choice but to put down his camera and surf.

Feel free to contact Joel for all and any photographic queries, requirements or projects big and small.

Joel Agostino
+886 916 916 235